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Ground-breaking programs driving emotional intelligence and personal transformation have been developed at The Mental Kickstart Campus where we specialise in world class, cutting edge training. This is an opportunity to get on a journey that unleashes your personal power! You can influence your future by the skills you develop NOW and start living the life you were meant to!!

Do you sometimes feel that you have used up all the tricks in your bag?

Our 'coping' skills have fallen short and have often taken the form of us putting up barriers, having temper-tantrums, burying pain deep inside us, damaged relationships, depression, addictions and emotional baggage weighing us down. It's no surprise that we emerge as embittered soldiers chanting war cries that fall into the, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' genre.

Emotional intelligence has been assumed to be the natural end result of growing older, personal experiences, trials, counselling, reading of self-help books etc. Remember though, knowledge is not wisdom!


So where does that leave a person?

  • Running the same bad patterns
  • Being unhealthy
  • Relationship issues
  • Money issues / Career issues
  • Frustrated and stressed
  • Unhappy/ Unresolved issues
  • In a comfort zone with no drive to move forward

What can we do?

Put the power back in our hands, which means that we no longer need to stand at the side-lines leaving emotional growth to good fortune. We can provide ourselves with the opportunity to catapult personal power to extraordinary heights.