What our graduates say about us

Adila (facilitator) is an exemplary Life Coach and trainer and thoroughly enjoyed the course. Enjoyed the content, flow and professionalism. Overall excellent!!Marinda T

Lovely course, Adila was fantastic and insightful . I liked the 'new' positive energy I got. Loved the course- looking forward to Life Coaching in 2017.Chad J

Liked the content covered, facilitator.Sharmilla G

Facilitator is very friendly. had an awesome 3 days. Really enjoyed the facilitator, the content and the people.Zainub J

Enjoyed everything!! Absolutely loved the synergy between the group. Thoroughly enjoyed hearing Adila's advice in the field. Thoroughly enjoyed getting more information and insight into Life Coaching and the various options there are out there. Angela S

Really liked the great interaction with the coach (facilitator) and students. The content was easy to follow.It was really great, i think it was professional.Alicia L

Course was interactive and practical. Well done. I would recommend this course to others.Fatima M

The course was very interactive. We were all free to discuss everything. The course was well presented, very informative and I gained the objective that I had set for myself.Maureen H

Very comfortable with the facilitator. Course was awesome. I achieved my desired intentions.Mariam S

Facilitator is warm, welcoming and very inspirational. Thoroughly enjoyed interacting with her. She made the course very exciting and uplifting. It lit up my core! Loved every moment of the course, very well presented!Ayesha D

I found that I am not stuck in the rut that I was in. I can focus so much better now. Thanks so much.M.Naidoo

Content and entire course have been invaluable.Anon.

Excellent. Flexibilty of change in value, to different challenges- that was a great awareness for me. I would like to make a huge difference in my work place.Moonira S

Although I have attended many courses including international ones, I found this course and the facilitator far more dynamic. Loved every moment. Life changing.Anon.

Enlightening and also gave me direction in my goals. Great! Shereen J

Thought provoking, encouraging. Good for self- awareness and understanding. Makes you more positive. Nafisa B

I now have skills to seize my personal power. I feel confident to handle life issues. Paul

The quality of the courses was brilliant and your prices are so affordable ;). Thank you for giving me this opportunity.Anneke

I loved every moment of the course and I've learned so much and cannot wait to book myself on both the NLP and Coaching courses. Brett

I am a Certified EFT Practitioner and have found this course to be an excellent variation for kids. It explains complex things to children in an easy, entertaining way. A nice introduction to a self help modality.Janine

This was a great help for a young girl with self confidence issues. This course provided coping skills that are most appreciated.Happy Mum

How wonderful to grow up with a tool to help you dissolve stress, pain and fear so that you can perform at your best! I wish I had this growing up. This is what every child needs. Fatima M

An awesome self-help tool that every family can use.Tash B.

Helped both my kids feel happy and better about themselves. They use it anywhere and anytime. I am thrilled.Suvana

A brilliant course for kids to tap on a variety of common issues. The course was fun and empowering.K M

All of us experiences hurts, fears and stress. This course shows our children that there is a simple way to help ourselves. I highly recommend it. Naz

My child′s school grades improved so much. Grab this course with both hands if you have kids.Lindi

I am amazed at how confidently the pupils who have attended this course have become and how well they are performing at school.Educator

Wow wow wow!!!My kid is actually happy to sleep alone in his room after being terrified for years.Shireen A

My child was stubborn and difficult about everything. Many visits to the psychologist and thousands of Rands spent didn′t help the way this course did. I now have a responsive, happy child. What a gift this Mental Kickstart has been.M.Scheepers

No more tantrums and my son handles things far more maturely than before.Amy D

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